Family Planning Services

Family Planning Services

In deciding when or whether to have a child, men and women can choose from several contraceptive methods. Your local health department offers birth control pills, patches, injections and barrier methods. Upon medical examination, the practitioner and client will discuss which method is appropriate.

All men and women need to know about pre-pregnancy health measures before a pregnancy occurs. Preconception (pre-pregnancy) healthcare allows a woman to be in the best possible health before pregnancy to ensure the best chance of having a healthy baby. A medical visit for pre-pregnancy care is recommended and includes a thorough medical history, examination, laboratory screenings, updating of immunizations if needed, and counseling. This service is available through your local health department.

Deciding when or even if to become a parent is one of the most important choices you will make – for you, for your partner, and for your future.

Maybe you are having sex and don’t want to have a baby right away. Maybe you want to learn about how to space your children in the future. Maybe you’re just curious about contraception. The point is, contraception methods help you plan when you will become pregnant.

These choices should matter to both men and women. Although most contraceptive methods are used by women, men can be just as involved. Contraception seems to work best when a man and woman choose a method together and use it together.

The Monroe County Health Department offers several methods of birth control, lab screening exams and pregnancy testing. Our preconception risk screening and counseling should increase the chances of a healthy baby. Your medical visit will include a thorough medical history, an exam by our clinician and specific lab screening tests. The cost of the pelvic exam and birth control supplies are based on a sliding fee scale. Minors can receive services and supplies without parental consent.