Safe Sleep for Winter

Sleep related deaths are a major concern in Kentucky. By following the
American Academy of Pediatrics’ Safe Sleep recommendations, sleep related
deaths can be greatly reduced.

• Babies should sleep alone in their own crib,
bassinet or play yard. The baby’s sleep area
may be in the parent’s room, but not in the
parent’s bed.
• Always place infants on their backs to sleep
to reduce the risk of SIDS.
• Keep the crib, bassinet or play yard free and
clear of soft objects, toys, loose bedding,
bumper pads and pillows.
• No smoking around the baby.
• Breastfeeding and giving baby a pacifier
during sleep also reduces sleep related

Protection for Winter Weather
• Baby can be dressed in a one-piece pajama
or wearable blanket. Wearable blankets can
be layered over undershirts or a onesie. Do
not let your baby get too hot by overdressing
them or wrapping them in heavy blankets.
• Keep the baby’s room at a comfortable
temperature. Do not overheat the room.
• Do not put a hat on your baby to sleep; there
is a risk the hat could slip down, covering the
baby’s face.
• If a blanket must be used to keep a baby
warm, make sure the baby’s feet are at the
bottom of the crib and the blanket is tucked
in around the mattress. The blanket should
be no higher than the baby’s chest with the
baby’s arms out.

REMEMBER to keep all portable heaters
away from the baby and baby’s sleep area.
The baby can overheat if too close to a
heater, receive burns or become tangled up
in cords of small electric heaters.

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